It is possible to print out a Flextime Wall clock. Simply print it out and stick the parts to the wall to see which sizes and combinations make a perfect wall clock.

Not only is it possible to let your creativity run wild with combinations of patterns, but you can also make the design come to live, by ordering the components from our shop.

You may want to check the scale of the parts on the print. The drawings are to scale on our printers when we print without borders, but if there is a little deviation you will just have to take it into account.

Download cut out paper wall clock - DE Download Cut out paper wall clock - EN Download cut out paper wall clock - DA


When you buy a Flextime Wall Clock it is delivered with a mounting template. We do sell them separately upon request, if people need it.

We do how ever, have a A4 version you can print out and put together. It is completely free!

Download 50cm Mounting template Download 70cm Mounting template Download 90cm Mounting template